Saturday, 25 April 2015

Salvation Prayer:

If you just met Christ and you haven't given your heart to him through prayer, say this:

Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus.
I admit that I am a sinner.
I'm sorry for all the sins I committed.
I believe that Jesus died and rose again to pay for my sins,
and for this I'm deeply grateful.
So, I give my heart to you today.
Thank you for receiving me and for loving me first.
In Jesus' name,

If you have just said this prayer, welcome to forever happiness, everlasting and unconditional love and ultimate protection. Welcome to life with GOD.
Trust me, you will know the difference between your old life and your new one.

If you have any questions about your new relationship with Christ, send me and e-mail, and I will definitely answer.

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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Everlasting Ultimate Protection

Wednesday 21st April 2015
Let me tell you a true story:
There was once a very noble pastor that owned a nice little church. Every preaching, he gave, came from the holy spirit and anyone that heard it left the church in a better state.
Three men and their wives lived about 15 minutes away from the church, but never visited it in their lifetime. One Sunday, the three women went grocery shopping and passed by the church. Suddenly, they felt a sudden urge to get inside and they did. They listened to the preaching, gave their lives to GOD and went back home, with their new lives. When the got home, the men asked them why they took so long and the wives said they were in church and they loved it very much. They said that they would never be the same again and that they would go every Sunday. The three men noticed that they were different, so, being over- protective, they thought that the pastor did something bad to them.
So one day, the three men joined up together and decided to kill the pastor, for doing something bad to their wives. It was dark one Sunday after church and the three men waited for the pastor in the back door, they were armed and angry. When the pastor came out the three men pointed their guns at him, saying: “ You did something to our wives. For this, you must die”
The pastor kept his calm, but he still had no idea what they were talking about, he just covered his head, to prevent the bullet from getting in the head. Just as the men were about to shoot, the pastor looked up and the men suddenly ran away!
After a couple of days, the wives managed to convert their husbands to GOD, and one day, just after church finished, the pastor came up to them and asked them: When you were about to kill me, why did you run?”
The men responded: “We ran because we saw two huge angels standing behind you with swords. So, in fear, we ran away.”
This is a true story. If you have GOD’s ultimate protection, why fear? You have your own loveable angels as your personal bodyguards. Never Fear, Jesus is Here!
Say to yourself:
GOD, from now on, give me everlasting peace, and help me to forget about fear.
Thank you for your ultimate protection.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Climb up and don't look back!

Thursday 23rd April 2015

Like I said many times in my previous posts, GOD loves you very much, and he loves it when you succeed. But many people struggle to succeed because of their past.
Think. How can you succeed everywhere you go, if you keep focosing on what you did in the past?
Whatever  you did wrong in the past, let it go! The past is something you can't go back to, and GOD is not angry at you based on your past. He is not angry at you at all!
This kind of things make you slow down in your climb to sucess. Never think about what you did wrong before and how it could have affected your future if you did it differently, because the past doesn't determine your future, your words and your actions do. There are simple ways to forget about your past, these are:
- Count your blessings: There is no way you could remember the bad times while remembering what GOD has done for you.
-Read your bible : This will remind you of how much GOD loves you, and it will make the guilt go away.
So, stop day dreaming about the bad days, there is only one direction in which you need to look and walk in and that direction is: Foward!
Say to yourself:
Father, thank you for forgiving all my past sins.
Thank you because my future and my present is and will be 10x better than my past.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

GOD's Secret Agent

Monday 20th April 2015

What will you do if I told you that you had a special job given to you by God?
Secret Agent Mission:
Secret Agency: Zion
Location of Mission: Earth
Details of Mission:
The Earth is corrupted by works of the devil and evil people. With so many signs of the rapture comming, I'm afraid you may be running out of time. Your mision, is to preach the gospel all around you and to be the light of the world. But remember to not blow your cover, that means pray and meditate in your PRIVATE time and not in public, you shall get highly rewarded for this. ( Matthew 6:6).
Do not worry about safety or security, as you will be presented with special equiptment to complete your mission. The equiptment is listed below:
- The Holy Spirit
- The Word of GOD.
- GOD's ultimate protection.
- The power of your words.
With this equptment, along with your courage and confidence there is no possible way you can fail this mission.
Think about it. If GOD wants the Earth to follow him so much, why doesn't he come down and do it himself? He doesn't come down because he gave YOU this mission. He trusts you enough to do that. Since he knows you are in Earth, he knows that you will make a difference.
So go ahead and complete the mission. Agency Zion is counting on you.
Say to yourself:
Father, as I complete my mission, bless me and protect me well.
Let the people receive you word and use it to their benefit.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Keep in Mind

(This blog is daily, meaning that there is a new post (preaching) everyday) 

Sunday 19th of April 2015

How GOD works

It is unbelievable how much GOD loves you; he loves you more than your earthly family loves you. In fact GOD is love, and knowing this you’d think that it is impossible for him to hate anything. Wrong.
As far as I know, there are two things he despises:
1.  Sin:
GOD hates sin in every way, but understand this: I didn't say he hates sinners, because, unfortunately this world is packed full of sinners, and God loves the world. When you sin, he is as loyal as he always is. However, there is one thing GOD does when you sin, and that is, he is disappointed of the actions you've done. GOD doesn't leave you, GOD doesn't turn his back on you and he doesn't curse you or punish you either. Like I said before, he doesn't hate you; he just hates what you've done.
2.  His children suffering:
I hope you smile when I tell you, this is the thing he hates the most: your suffering . GOD gave you his son’s life, the Holy Spirit and his unconditional love to make sure you enjoy your life. GOD loves to see us prosper.  (3 John 1:2 NKJV).

You must never take advantage of GOD’s love in a negative way. Because he will definitely notice and that way, you won't enjoy his love to the fullest. Taking advantage in a negative way means committing sins on purpose and not trying to fix it. If it’s too late to fix it, not asking for mercy or not letting GOD know that you hate what you've done is wrong. (You can’t pretend in GOD’s eyes, he can tell if you really are sorry.)

Live with joy knowing that the most powerful man in the galaxy has an unmeasurable, unconditional and unbelievable love towards you!

Say to yourself:
Thank you Lord, for giving me your unconditional love.
I pray that you give me strength to avoid committing any sins, 
and that you help me stay in the right path and away from temptation.